Week 4 Training – River Run Ambassadors

Katie – Just Say No

Katieweek4_shoesNow, if I’m being honest here…the thing that caught my interest the most about joining the River Run Ambassador team, was the free pair of shoes from Orthopaedic Associates. I mean, who can pass that up, am I right?! Especially when they’re pink and blue, like the pair I got *insert heart eye emoji. Truthfully speaking though, I’ve never felt more support in a pair of shoes than I do in these. And I have some good friends over at Swift Athletics on Main Street to thank for that! From minute I stepped into the store to the second I stepped out the doors, they gave me their full attention, asking me questions about my running history (or lack thereof), and running goals. I was given some different pairs to try, and they watched me jog around the store to see which ones worked best with my running patterns. I could already tell a difference in just the few steps I took in the store and know that these new shoes are going to maximize my training’s and help me reach my goals.

Fast forward to my first training with my new running shoes: For those of you who don’t know me well, things are about to get real personal. As a small prelude, I’m going to give you some advice to take with you throughout your life journey. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat wings the night before you plan to go running. Don’t do it. Just say no. Because it’s going to lead to quite a…crappy experience (pun intended).

mockup-b1077972_grande[1]I KNEW it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway. And let me tell you, I paid for it. I learned my lesson. The minute I stepped out into the very cold, 34 degree, I-just-shaved-my-legs-and-the-hairs-are-growing-back-already weather, my stomach started doing somersaults. We took off running, and less than 5 minutes in…that’s when I knew. “Why? Why do I do these things?” I continue to scream at myself over and over (in my head, of course). I told myself to suck it up and hold it in. A very long, excruciating, 2 miles later…I was really struggling. By this point, I needed to go to the bathroom, and I needed to go pronto. But I was right in the middle of literally nothing but neighborhoods, and no public restrooms. I looked around—houses everywhere. I would have to go almost another mile before reaching Donut Bank—and we ALL know, there’s no way I’m going in there! Donuts are my absolute weakness, and I wasn’t about to put myself through that torture.

So I make it past Donut Bank, and that’s when it hits me—I think I might actually go in my pants. On the side of the road. “No! Who are you?! Katie, GET IT TOGETHER.” This time, I literally screamed at myself—not in my head. I no longer cared who heard me, I needed a pep talk, and I needed it NOW. The bitter cold air has caused my limbs to go numb, so honestly, I felt like I had no control over myself. “No no no no no, this can’t real life,” I moan to myself…tears rolling down my face, not to mention snow flakes flying into my eyes—I was absolutely miserable. I came so close to walking up to a random house and knocking on their door, but let’s get real; most people sleep in on Saturday’s. Most people don’t get up and go for a run when it’s 34 degrees outside. Most people know that it’s a bad idea to eat wings the night before a morning run.

I swear, ya’ll, this continued for the next MILE. A whole mile! But you know what? I made it. AND I still maintained an 18-minute mile average, bum cheeks clenched and all—the first of many goals my new shoes have helped me reach in my journey.

Ruth – It’s Legit – New Shoes Really Do Make You Run Faster

PhotoGrid_1487437053506Last weekend we made a pit stop at Ultimate Fit for new running shoes.  The gentleman looked at a few things; he looked at the bottom of  my shoes (to see the wear pattern), then at my feet while I sat and while standing. He had me walk a little ways through the store and back again. He had this strange look on his face and had me do it again and says “Huh?” I’m kinda getting a little complex here. He comes back out with 2 pair of shoes and says that when I walk, I go heel to toe, but when I roll through I go to the outside of my foot while rolling my ankle in. I could see why that would be perplexing.  The first pair of shoes I could tell a difference in how my feet felt, however, he didn’t like those on me. The final decision was for a pair of Brook’s Adrenaline. Once again a huge difference in how my feet felt. He said they were a little more supportive on the inside to keep my ankle from rolling in. The first few days of wearing them I felt a change in the muscles in my feet, knees and thighs up through my hips. I felt muscles all through my legs that had not been used correctly.

Before my new shoes, I was right at a 20minute mile. After my new shoes, this whole week I have been averaging a 15minute mile. My apologies to every child that I smiled indulgently at and agreed, yes they do run faster with new shoes, cuz’ it’s legit, you really do run faster in new shoes.
And … Holy Moley!  It’s getting real!  I just signed up for the Run of Luck presented by Orthopaedic Associates!  AAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!



Since the weather was so nice this week, I did a lot of walking and running outdoors. Since I have been having a lot of pain with my past couple of runs, I decided to slow things down this past week to build my endurance up. I ran a couple times every other day and decided to cross train. This week I have had my new Saucony shoes that I had fit at Ultimate Fit and I seemed to not have the same discomfort as I have had in the previous weeks. I did cross train Tuesday and Thursday morning with Tia, focusing on my core and cardio, then took the weekend off from running to rest. I still got my cardio by walking with my dogs over the past weekend and am eager to increase my distance in the coming week.



RoLposterWeek four, total fail.  I had the flu or some kind of bug and was not able to make Saturday’s run or my Sunday run.  BUT last week I did get my new running shoes from Ultimate Fit.  Great place to go to get fitted for running shoes and that is very important for anyone running for fitness.  The new shoes made a tremendous difference in my gait, how my knees felt after a run and the distance I could get to when my feet didn’t hurt from bad fitting or old running shoes.  The people at Ultimate Fit took time to measure my foot, see how I walked/ran in my old shoes and then chose a shoe that supported the weak points they saw in my running gate.  My knees turn in when I run so they chose a shoe that kept my ankle/lower legs straighter, better support and that has made a difference in last week’s training.  Till the flu hit! So back at it this week, onward to the finish line!!