Weeks 12 and 13 – River Run Ambassadors

Nikki – Week 12


Countdown has begun for race day as we gradually get closer and closer to May 6th. This past week my after work schedule consistent of some sort of sporting event and I knew I would not get my chance to train so instead, I made the decision to utilize my 30 minutes of lunch to run. The only discouraging factor is that I would only run 3 miles in 30 minutes and still have time to eat my lunch.


Screenshot_2017-04-22-08-32-59I pushed on nonetheless, knowing what little mileage I could get would benefit me in the long run. This week I also had the chance to meet Saturday morning for the group run. It had been several weeks since I had been able to, between holidays and planning for a baby shower I had to go out of town several times, so I was excited to see how far I could run with a group. I mentally prepared myself with the fact that I would likely not be able to run the full nine miles (I am not sure if I had ever run that far in my life) but I was motivated to go as far as possible. We started at Wesselman’s Park, going over the bridge on the Lloyd to run through neighborhood’s I had not seen before and although I had intermittent left knee and groin pain, I pushed on.  Despite my minor aches I thoroughly enjoyed my run. Running alongside other runs is a great motivator as I ran along side the same group of people throughout my nine miles. As I got passed mile seven, I was tired but I knew I had more energy to push on and when I got to the end I even had a kick left in me when I crossed the finish line. I felt great! Shocked! I have been beating myself up the past few weeks worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete the River Run but knowing that I handled nine miles I know that if I keep pushing, I can do the half marathon beside my fellow runners and reach my goal!

Nikki – Week 13

20170430_102050I wasn’t happy with the lack of training I had this week but I was physically active all week so that is what I keep telling myself that I made up for it. Earlier in the week I was able to get a couple miles in each day but since I was on stay-cation Thursday and Friday, working out was the last thing I had time for. Not only that, the severe rain and thunderstorms put a damper on any outdoor activity except cleaning up from the flooding. Thursday I decided to create an area around the playset/club house and mulch the area in since we do not have grass in the area… the next day I wake up with mulch across the yard by the fence. That has been cleaned up but further clean-up in the basement is on the agenda for early this week.
So I signed up for the half marathon, hoping I did not make the mistake of challenging myself to such a big distance when I have not quite managed to run that far to date. My brother, who I originally hoped would run with me, is now not able to run but it is encouraging that my boyfriend and pregnant sister plan to still be there to support me. My continued difficulty I face is when running alone. I do much better with other runners as a motivator but it is difficult to set a schedule around work and sporting activities right after. I plan to run as much as I can this week but not too much to where I am hurting this Saturday. My goal is to run non-stop and cross the finish line and say I completed my first half marathon.

Pictured are my two lazy dogs after a 3 mile walk.th.

 Lori – Week 12

IMG_0208With work schedules and parents out of town I didn’t get ANYTHING done on Saturday. Unless we are saying chasing a 4 yr old is exercise. That would be in and out of my car 14 times, I have two door G6, chasing him around Inflatable Fun factory for 1 hour, shopping for a raincoat for a 4 year old and then waiting for parents to get home at 7. A Moscow Mule rounded out my evening ;).
Sunday I thought would be better, my Monday, Thursday and Friday totals were fabulous! Sunday sucked. I don’t know why my time was so bad? Sun in my eyes (I need to get sunglasses for running) too many people/bikes on the Newburgh trail, don’t know but it was bad. Treadmill for Monday, Thursday and Friday were 3 miles in 40 minutes ( got my 6 miles in just over an hour) which still keeps me in the River Run guidelines. Sunday was 6 mile in 90 minutes!!! ARRRRGGGGGGGG!!! I was hoping for a 6 miles in 60 minutes but nooooooo, I’m blaming it on the Moscow Mule.