Week 11 Training – River Run Ambassadors


hersheys-milk-chocolate-eggs-candy-ff-130695Well it was a holiday weekend and didn’t make ANY progress on running, unless you count running around with a 4 year old grandson.  We had fun but nothing that would qualify as a “distance”.  Will definitely be at the gym allll week, just a few chocolate eggs to run off.


Screenshot_2017-04-18-12-20-15Crunch time is slowly approaching and there does not seem to be enough hours in the day. With three kids and between tennis, archery, soccer, and baseball; there are not enough hours it seems to be able to train while getting everyone to practice and games. This past week I made the resolution with myself that I will do some kind of activity daily and for as long as my schedule will allow. I have hopes to do the 13.1 miles despite my minor hiccups down the road with training; I do not feel that I am there yet but with only a few weeks to go I have to keep trying. I think the one thing holding my back is that I have had to run on my own and this does not allow me to push myself since I am only competing with myself but it seems every weekend now there is some sort of sport or family occasion I have to attend to. If my schedule allows this upcoming weekend I hope to make it to the Saturday group run and continue to train in the upcoming week. I have even decided to cut my lunch short and run during my 30 minute lunch break in order to build up my endurance and get ready for race day.

Ruth – I’m Walking on Sunshine…..And It’s Time to Feel Good

Screenshot_2017-04-15-08-40-24 ShadowThis week…was a good week.

I made it out for 3 runs. My first two weren’t as good as I wanted them to be, but I was out and running. Now Saturday was a River Run Training day.  It was 8 miles and I was going to get all eight miles in!

Well…I didn’t. I only got 6.5 miles (I round up) in, but only because somehow I missed a turn. Not quite sure where, but I did.  Either way, I was really happy with my time. I had been guessing that I would finish the River Run somewhere around 2.5 hours (which I am totally OK with) and it seems I am right on track with that. I finished the 6.5 miles in about 1.5 hours and another 4 miles would have been right at the 2.5 hour mark!

Folks, I think I might be able to do this. This last Saturday really gave me a huge confidence boost that I can complete 10miles in a reasonable time. Thinking I may have to call myself a runner after May 6th.